Having a chat with Ping and Dino

Our big boy is 3 months old today! His favorite things to do include eating (favorite by far), stretching out on his back and kick, kick, kicking away, clasping his hands together, smiling and *almost* laughing, singing loudly when there’s lots of background noise, cooing to everyone (this boy is friendly!), trying to stand up, always trying to sit up wherever he is, riding in the car, and the ultimate…his bath time!

He always has something to say

He does not like: getting his clothes changed, having hiccups, being left alone at any time, being hungry, being left on his tummy (he usually just flips right over, anyway), too much stimulation, or too little sleep (but he also hates going to sleep..but this is getting better).

He knows how to make his momma's day

Big accomplishments this month: rolling from tummy to back (10 weeks), first giggle (12 weeks), and sleeping *pretty* consistently through the night. He has come so very far from our wailing bundle of joy 3 months ago!

He knows how to break his momma's heart