Dear Henry,

I meant to write this on your first birthday, but we were  too busy taking you to McDonald’s, feeding you cake, bringing you to your grandparents’, and otherwise celebrating the very special boy that you are. We also took you on a fun stroller ride through Target to look at all the toys. You love being on the go, so it didn’t matter that we didn’t buy any of the toys we passed.

The birthday boy and the remains of a birthday cupcake

You are barely a baby anymore! You were walking by your first birthday, and now you are practically running everywhere! And those chubbalicious thighs are fast disappearing into strong toddler legs. You are an adventurous boy, and you love to explore: the backyard, kitchen cabinets, Papa’s desk (a big no!), and any new place we take you (Mamaw’s house is a wonderland of breakables!). You love dancing, playing the piano with Papa, going on multiple walks with me everyday, and swinging (your single greatest joy besides a McDonald’s cheeseburger).

Papa and the Birthday Boy (who was just awakened from his nap for the party!)

Some of your greater accomplishments of recent days include: saying “Puppy” or “Pup Pup,” which you say in a sweet, sing song voice and give Puppy great big hugs that make me envious! You have said “Papa” at least once, but you mostly jabber “da da” and “ma ma” whenever you want and not necessarily to get our attention. You used to say “All done!” when you were finished eating, but you decided to quit in favor of holding up your arms and yelling…hmmm.

Loving some birthday cupcake

If you could tell us, I think you would say that your single greatest accomplishment is patting your head when we ask you, “Henry, where is your baptism?” In fact, you are so proud of this accomplishment that you pat your head in Kroger, when you are in trouble, while swinging, or any other time you need a little affirmation. We remembered your baptism day on May 9th with a mini celebration that included a specially made prune cake- which you loved (and Papa didn’t touch).

Henry, you are a delight and a joy to us every single day. You are growing into a decisive, strong young boy. We pray with and for you every day, and we know that the Lord has good plans for you. I hope that you are able to look back as you grow older and never remember a time when you did not follow Jesus, even as you toddled around on your short chubby legs and fought the temptation to pull all the books off of  Papa’s bookshelves. We love you, our sweet firstborn son!